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0 Headlights Peugeot 206

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Date Added: Sunday 29 January, 2012

by Morette Automotive

Genuine Morette twin headlights Peugeot 206

I have finally got a set of morette twin headlights for my car.

Had some the cheap ones, I slated them for how tacky and poorly made they were. I now have real ones and Im very happy with them!

Genuin-e morettes do NOT have halo rings, and will bear the "morette" signiature somewhere on the back of the lights... if in doubt, ask the seller for a picture of the morette logo. If they cant send you it, chances are they are not the real thing... there are a lot of cheap imitations around on ebay so beware!

Thes-e lights take a H7 bulb in the dipped beam projector lamp enclosure, and the main beams take H1 bulbs. They usually come supplied with the lights. For fitting to non GTi models of 206, the morette lights require a wiring harness adapter to convert the lamps to H4 connectors. This should normally be supplied with the lamps when buying new.

The lights are fairly easy to fit, they require the removal of the upper grill, which is a case of unclipping the "hog ring" clips holding it in place. There are also 3 bolts which need to be removed on each standard headlight to get those out. Installation took around 40 mins.

Damage-d light units come up for sale on ebay all the time - be cautious when buying them unless you know how to repair them yourself. Spares are available, but arent always cheap to get hold of. Some damaged parts can be replaced by obtaining spares from a vehicle parts specialist, or from sellers with spares on ebay, other parts can mean the entire unit needs to be replaced, I think this depends on what type of car you are fitting them to. Its worth making sure you can get the parts needed to repair a damaged set of lights first!

If your debating whether to spend the money on genuine morettes, or get the cheaper ones with the halos, look at my other guide on the imitation ones and decide for yourself!
You get what you pay for, and Id go for the genuine ones every time just because of the sheer quality of them!
Genuine morettes do have electronic levelling, as long as you fit the levelling motor from the back of your previous headlights. The levelling part on the morettes can be a bit stiff, so make sure you dont snap your levelling motors when removing them from your previous lights, as they do break easily! Also, genuine morettes do not need you to butcher any existing wiring on your car to fit them - they come with all the correct sockets for you to just plug in and go, no manual wiring should be needed - unlike on the cheaper imitation type lights.

My morettes contain a standard 501 sidelight bulb which is in the same housing as the main/high beam bulb. With sidelights on, only the outside lamp is lit up, and gives good visible light in front so that others can clearly see you are there.

The dipped/normal beam uses a projector headlight housing on each lamp unit, which is the centre 1 of the 3 light pods (shown in the picture below is sidelights on the outside and normal beam is next to it). It produces good quality beams of light onto the road, and my vision is now improved when driving at night because of how it puts the light onto the road. I can see a little further in front with these lights, and the light just seems to be of a much better quality than the standard units.

The main beam uses a standard "reflector" type light unit, which takes a H1 bulb. Ive fitted mine with road legal 90% brighter bulbs. When I switch my main beam on, the projector stays on too, so you have 4 seperate bulbs putting out plenty of light, plus the sidelights stay on too. The light is again of a good quality, and makes a huge difference to the view in front when driving in the dark. The light being put out is very bright - better than any headlights Ive owned before, The main/high beam light bulb is located in the OUTER lamp unit, in the same place as the sidelight is.

Sideligh-ts Sidelights + dipped beam Sidelights + dipped beam

The smallest light pod (closest to the centre of the car) is the indicator pod. The indicators are really bright too, and have an orange colour to them even when not lit up.

The advantage of Morettes over cheaper imitations is the build quality - these units are rugged and well made. The light given is of a good quality, and really makes a difference to your view when compared to standard headlights, and is much better than that given by cheaper imitation units. Also, the availability of spare parts should anything become damaged is quite good. I have seen spare individual lamp units and covers for sale on ebay quite often, and as far as I am aware these can also be ordered in by your vehicles supplier, or from a good local car parts specialist. As far as I know, spares arent so easy to come by for the imitation units.

A good conditioned set of morettes, 2nd hand, cost between £100 - £200 on ebay. When bought new, they usually retail around £400+ from a dealership, but are available cheaper either on ebay or from a good retail outlet. The headlights come in a matt black colour, you can tell they are not sprayed. If you are fitting them to a black car, the chances are they will stick out like a sore thumb when compared to the paint work, and its worth getting the covers sprayed to the exact colour of your car. You can do this yourself if you are confident enough to have a go, or a decent bodyshop will charge you somewhere in the region of £50 to do this for you.

I have left mine unpainted. Because the rub strips on my car are not colour coded, these headlights actuallly match the colour pretty well, so Ive managed to get away with not spraying them. The units can be colour coded quite easily to match your body colour exactly, and even if the lights you are buying are already sprayed, a bodyshop will be able to remove this paint and re-spray them to your colour.

If your considering buying, I would say do it! They really do look good on any car!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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